Q&A with Heather Osborne!

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What motivates you to work hard?
Generally, my own desire to improve, and habit. If I can get a habit going, then I’m pretty good at continuing with a project. I also like challenging myself to see how I can improve my skills.

Do you have a side gig? (or several)
Writing is my side-gig, but I also teach creative writing. I love teaching; getting to interact with students and read their stories and hear their ideas always pumps me up. Some people get a runner’s high, but I always say that I get a teacher’s high.

Do you have a full time job outside of writing?
Yes, I work as a first aid instructor. I enjoy the chance to share my knowledge and to get people prepared to intervene in an emergency. The biggest lesson I try to teach is that no matter how little you can do, doing something is always better than doing nothing. If there’s someone with an illness or injury, even something as simple as telling them you’ll stay with them can help. From there, offering what care you are trained to provide can make all the difference.

What is your biggest complaint about your writing career?
In an ideal world, I would spend my days writing, instead of carving out moments at the edges of the rest of my life. More time and more energy would be real gifts.

What is your fav thing about your writing career?
I love hearing from readers. Readers can be so insightful–they might notice details that I didn’t even consciously include. They notice connections and callbacks. It’s so wonderful to see how they interpret the story and the characters.

HEATHER’S gender-bending fantasy SONGBROKEN is now available HERE!

She sang a vow to learn to heal, but the person she needed to save was herself.
Nils is a healer’s apprentice faced with a difficult choice. Only men are allowed to be healers. But if Nils denies her heart and chooses that path, neither a healer’s status nor the balm of study will make up for losing a chance at marriage with the person she loves.
Instead, concealing her true self from everyone she knows, Nils risks an dangerous journey to the distant city, desperate to find a balance between life’s passion and heart’s life. But always, the question remains—can a healer’s songs truly work for a woman? And should Nils’s deception be discovered, she will be songbroken: shunned by her family, dismissed by her master, and denied any contract, vow, or relationship