Our Mission Statement

The idea of Forest Path Books began in 2018, in the wake of some dissatisfaction with the status quo of publishing. As voracious readers, we quite frankly weren’t finding enough of the kind of expansive and thought-provoking fiction that we wanted to read!

To that end, Forest Path Books was formed as a specialty publisher of divergent speculative fiction, with an especial focus upon literary, diverse, and expressive prose. There are enough outlets for books that are merely “consumed” then forgotten. We want to share a catalogue of books that gives a lingering, provocative, and extraordinary reading experience.

Our authors are from varied walks of life, many with voices and viewpoints sorely underserved in much of the mainstream publishing industry. Our especial focus includes not only well-written and -told stories, but complex worlds featuring a wide and realistic scope of individuals, orientations, and cultures.

We will periodically open for submissions.