An anthology exploring the undeniable history of women creators in fandom during the mid-20th century.


Denetia Arellanes
Anna Batterby
A. C. Crispin
Sara Campbell
ohanna Cantor
Bev Clark
Connie Crouch

Patricia D’Orazio
Gerry Downes
Barbara Drake

Sharon Emily
Syn Ferguson
Z. P. Florian

Susan M. Garrett
Barbara P. Gordon
Regina Gottesman

Bev Grant
Pat Grant
Robin Hill
Kathy Hintze

Jean Holmes
Ann Hupe
Carol Jones
Vel Jaeger
Linda Knights
Cynthia Levine

Mary N. Lonergan
Shirley Maiewski
Melissa Mastoris

Marion McChesney
Sophia R. Mulvey
Pat Nussman
Amanda Palumbo

Linda Pfonner
Bast Ravenshadow
Joanna Russ
Vonnie Shepard

Dawna Snyder
Cherry Steffey
Linda Stoops
Gennie Summers
Carol Walske
Ming Wathne

Cathie Whitehead
Sheila Willis
Joan Winston

Robin Wood
Frances Zawacky
Anne Elizabeth Zeek
Beverly Zuk

Rest well, fannish sisters
You are truly Star People, now

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