J Tullos Hennig

Beneath winter’s chill lies the deepest of magics—and the struggle for a crown.

Reunited with his sister Marion and his lover Gamelyn in Sherwood Forest, Robyn Hood and his band of outlaws seek to raise the Ceugant—the magical trine of the Old Religion—against the tyranny of Church and Crown.  Yet their forest kingdom roils with conflict. Most of the outlaws hold an uneasy truce with Gamelyn, recently known as Guy of Gisbourne, defrocked Templar and Robyn’s fiercest enemy. And while Marion’s welcome is unquestioned, old shackles and new fears hamper her true promise.

When a lone traveller is waylaid on the road, a common occurrence quickly proves uncommon.  Knight and Maiden, Archer and Men, all are conscripted to aid a Queen’s—and ultimately a King’s—ransom. England lies divided… and there are those who would seek the power of Robyn Hode and his Shire Wode for their own ends.

Book 3 of the Wode
A truly unique re-imagining of the Robin Hood legends, filled with the mysticism, magic and romance of a Britain caught in an ideological struggle between Christianity and Paganism.


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