The God Spear

L. L. Stephens

The Triempery Revelations Book IV

It will take a god to awaken a god.

The Heir to Essera’s throne, Handurin Stauberg-Randolph, has escaped from Sordan and sought out the Kheld people of Amallar. He hopes to gain them as allies, particularly against the murderous sorceror Nammuor.

Dorilian Sordaneon has also left the safety of Sordan—and stopped the Rill god-machine. Handurin doesn’t know it yet, but Dorilian is hot on his heels. Which means Dorilian is in Amallar too, living in secret among Khelds who believe he killed, well, just about everyone.

But Amallar isn’t as welcoming as Hans thinks, or as backward as Dorilian believes.




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