J Tullos Hennig

It’s 1194, and the devil is indeed loose–
In Sherwood Forest.

Ransomed from captivity, a Christian king rides through royal forest, intent upon reclaiming his realm.  Yet the Shire Wode already has a king—the Pagan outlaw known as Robyn Hood…

The Old Religion is regaining its strength through the emergence of the Ceugant—the mystical trine of Winterking, Summerlord, and Maiden.  But amongst those who think to win the Maiden’s notice, there will be treachery of both heart and hand…

A Queen once gave a promise: that the honour of Tickhill should be restored to its lord, and the outlaws all given pardon.  Yet the price of such grace might well be more than any can afford…

The Templars have sent one of their own into the Shire Wode, to untangle the enigma that bides in the ancient forest ways.  Yet that emissary is one with the enigma, in ways they—and he—cannot begin to fathom…

And still, it is the deepest and darkest of magics that could well rive apart the Ceugant.


Book 4 of the Wode
In a truly original take on the Robin Hood legends, this historical fantasy series sets Robin the outlaw archer as a queer, chaotic-neutral druid, Marion as pagan queen who is sister but not wife, and their consort a Christian–and thusly conflicted–nobleman.



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